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*** Now with 57 themes available! ***
If you are a new user, this information is for you.

Create your web site in 3 simples steps
*** Be informed that we do not allow Proxy connections anymore! ***
Step #1

Step #1
Register here,
login using email password,
change your password

Step #2

Step #2
Click Create Account,
fillup this simple form,
get your email infos

Step #3

Step #3
Go to your new site,
login to set it up,
you are in!

You can now choose your styles and add your personal content!

Your own website can look like this or you can give it the style you like.

The colors and styles are dependent of one of our 57 available themes that you can customize the way you like.

Here is some theme thumbails to get an idea of the styles available :
Aurora style Bluemarine style Purple_Beauty style
Combustion style DrupalRefresh style Manuscript style
Pushbutton style Stylized Beauty style Thirteen style
Nifty Corners style Aeon5 style Shinobi style

The process is quite easy to get your FREE website online. Register here and log in, change your password for one of your choice in "My account" section, then just click on the "Create Account" and fillup the form. You will receive a confirmation eMail telling you how to manage your new website just a few minutes after...

For those asking how we can afford to give FREE hosting, the only way we could do it is because of the small amount we get from the little advertizing band that would appear on the top of your websites. Whenever you want to get rid of this advertising you could pay a small amount of $1.99 per month. If you would also like to get more disk space just add an extra $1.99 per month.

If at any time you would like to expand to a real hosting with many more features and disk space we will transfer your website for free to a LavalHost.ca Top-Plan #1 that would cost you only 4.99$ per month.

Happy WebHosting!

For now your webspace will get for free :

  • 3 Megs for your database that contain all your pages, menus, etc.
  • 1 Meg for your uploaded files/images.

This is enough for more than 500 standard pages and more than 100 images.

For all of you not familiar with the Drupal Content Manager System, you can have a look at "http://www.drupal.org" for more informations.

P.S. The free sites will receive only a minimum technical support through email from the webmaster here, after being registred. Do not contact LavalHost.ca for anything else than a transfer to a Top-Plan account. Thank you.